IHeartCP was created because a group of young men at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) were concerned about a specific churches withholding of giving to the Cooperative Program. This, now resolved, concern is further detailed at another location on this website, the following link will take you there: An Open Letter to Jack Graham in Support of the Cooperative Program

As the original concern has been resolved it is now the desire of these men that IHeartCP becomes a piece of Southern Baptist life that helps to spur other brothers and sisters to strengthen there giving to the Cooperative Program. 

We expect SBC churches to be benevolent in many ways. Churches should always participate in benevolence within there faith family, surrounding community, state outreach and beyond. However, we feel that giving from your church budget to the Cooperative Program is the best way to achieve the gospel effort we all strive to reach as autonomous churches.

We are not Southern Baptists merely because we hold to orthodox beliefs; those beliefs simply make us Christians. We are not Southern Baptists because of doctrinal distinctives; those distinctives simply make us Baptists. We are Southern Baptists because of the CP, and the numerous ministries it supports.